650+ Anime Boy Name Ideas (2023) Best, Cool, Cute, Hot

January 3, 2023

Anime is a popular animation style that originates from Japan. It is characterized by its colorful graphics, distinctive characters, and often fantastic themes. Anime is enjoyed by people of all ages all over the world and has become one of Japan's most famous exports. So in this article, we will look into "650+ Anime Boy Names Ideas".

Some of the most popular anime include Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and Pokémon. These anime are all highly successful both in Japan and internationally. They have spawned numerous sequels, films, spin-offs, and merchandise.

Anime boys typically have spiky hair and big eyes and wear colorful clothing. Some popular anime boy names include Goku, Naruto, and Ichigo. These characters are all very different but are united by their love of adventure and fighting for what they believe in.

Anime boy names are popular because they represent some of the most iconic and well-loved characters in the anime world. These characters are often brave and heroic, and they stand up for what they believe in despite the odds. They also have a sense of adventure that appeals to many people. Their unique appearances also make them stand out from other characters in the anime world.

In today's article, we have gathered a list of anime boy names that you can use for your social media account, video game character, or just for fun! We have also included some tips on how you can create your own unique anime boy name.

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Tips for Choosing an Anime Boy Name

In anime series or movies, the characters usually have very unique names. Sometimes these names are based on real Japanese names, but often they are completely made up. If you are looking for an anime boy name, here are some things to consider:

Tips for Choosing an Anime Boy Name
  • Pick a name that is easy to pronounce and remember. You don't want people to get confused when they are trying to talk about your character.
  • Make sure the name sounds good with your character's personality and appearance. For example, a tough and strong-willed character might not have a very delicate-sounding name.
  • Try to avoid using names that are too common. You want your character to stand out from the crowd, so pick a name that is unique and memorable.
  • Think about what kind of message you want your name to send. A name can say a lot about a character, so choose wisely!
  • Have fun with it! Don't be afraid to experiment and try out different combinations until you find something that you like.

Now you know some things to consider when choosing an anime boy name, here are some of our favorite picks!

Cool Anime Boy Names Ideas (2023)

We all know that anime is a Japanese form of animation that has taken the world by storm. Many of us have grown up watching anime, and some of us even love it as adults. It's no wonder, then, that we would want to name our children after some of our favorite anime characters!

Cool Anime Boy Names Ideas (2023)

While there are plenty of great female anime names out there, today we're going to focus on the 20 most popular male anime names. So if you're looking for something unique and cool baby boy names ideas, look no further than this list!

  • Ban- "full moon"
  • Black Star- "the absolute darkness that devours all light"
  • Death the Kid- "the reaper of souls"
  • Edward- "prosperous guard"
  • Eren- "rebel" or "bastard"
  • Fai- Japanese for 'fly'
  • Gray Fullbuster- 'an ice wizard'
  • Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez- 'one who hunts like a wolf'
  • Haku- "white"
  • Hawkeye Mihawk- 'hawk eye'
  • Ichigo Kurosaki-'first guardian of the castle' or 'protector of the home'
  • Inuzuka Kiba- 'dog forest'
  • Itachi Uchiha- 'weasel' or 'village of the weasel'
  • Jellal Fernandes- 'he who rebukes evil' or 'blue king'
  • Jet Black- "the color of midnight"
  • Kakashi Hatake- 'scarecrow' or 'one who is afraid of crows'
  • Kuran Kaname-'dark full name'
  • Laxus Dreyar-'lightning that does not strike twice in the same place
  • Majin Buu- "demon god"
  • Midnight- "the witching hour"
  • Natsu Dragneel- 'fire dragon' or 'courageous dragon'
  • Neji Hyuga- 'screw' or 'screw eye'
  • Nozomi Kujou-'hope' in Japanese
  • Obito Uchiha-'temple steps' or 'little rice field'
  • Okami Amaterasu-'great divinity who shines in heaven'
  • or 'great spirit who shines in the heaven'
  • One-eyed Ghoul- 'monstrous creature with a taste for human flesh'
  • Roronoa Zoro- 'defender of the whale road' or 'protector of the whale road'
  • Saber Tooth- 'a large, carnivorous mammal with long canine teeth
  • Sai- 'colorful' or 'talented'
  • Samurai Champloo- 'three flowers that bloom in a field' or 'three blossoms that bloom in a field' Sanji Vinsmoke-'third son'
  • Sasori- 'scorpion'

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Cute Anime Boy Names Ideas (2023)

Are you looking for some cute anime boy names? Then you've come to the right place! In this section, we'll be discussing some of the cutest anime boy names ideas that you can use for your own characters or simply to find out more about your favorite anime boys.

Cute Anime Boy Names Ideas (2023)
  • Bima- "Brave or fierce"
  • Cahya- "Radiance or light"
  • Dwiki- "Beloved"
  • Gatotkaca- "Sky warrior"
  • Hariman- "Noble mind"
  • Ichsan- "Benevolence"
  • Kadek- "Strong and manly"
  • Luhur- "Great or eminent"
  • Mukti- "Liberation or freedom"
  • Nugroho- "Prosperity or success"
  • Prabu- "King or lord"
  • Chanvat- "The moon"
  • Channarong- "A good person"
  • Chanthana- "The sun god"
  • Chatkara- "The stars"
  • Chatuphum- "Wealthy person"
  • Chedi- "A lord or ruler"
  • Cheewajit- "Victorious person"
  • Cherdchai- "Intelligent person"
  • Choompol- " handsome man"
  • Chularatana-"Prosperity bringer"
  • Decha - "King or Lord"
  • Detchanam - "Ruler of the land"
  • Dheera - "Brave man"
  • Dhipaya - "Prosperity bringer"
  • Gajanan - "One who is victorious"
  • Hemaraja - "King of gems or king of gold"
  • Iswara - "God" Kaccana - "A wise man"
  • Kalidasa - "Poet Laureate"
  • Kantima - "The sun god"

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Hot Anime Boy Names Ideas (2023)

Do you like anime? Do you have a favorite anime character that you just can’t get enough of? If so, then you’re probably going to love this list of hot anime boy names!

Hot Anime Boy Names Ideas (2023)

We’ve compiled a list of 20 of the hottest anime guys around, including some of the most popular characters from recent years. So if you’re looking for a new anime crush or just want to know what all the fuss is about, then check out our list of Hot Anime Boy names ideas!

  • Aiden- "Fiery One"
  • Alexander- "Defender of Men"
  • Axel- "Father is Peace"
  • Asher- "Happiness, Fortunate, Blessed"
  • Bane- "Bringer of Sorrow"
  • Brady- "Broad Meadow"
  • Cain- "Acquired, Possessed"
  • Cameron- "Crooked Nose or Crooked Stream"
  • Casey- "Brave in Battle"
  • Chandler- "Candle Seller or Candlestick Maker"
  • Coleman- "Servant of Nicholas or Dove"
  • Conner-"High Desires or Wolf Lover"
  • Dalton- "Valley Town"
  • Damon- "Tamer"
  • Darren- "Great"
  • Derek- "Gifted Ruler or The People's Ruler"
  • Donovan- "Dark Warrior or Brown Haired Chief"
  • Emmett- "Entire, Truthful or Universal Strength"
  • Ethan-"Strong, Safe and Firm"
  • Finn-"White, Fair or Clear"
  • Grady-"Noble, illustrious or great"
  • Harvey- "Battle Worthy, Eager for War or Vigor of Battle"
  • Hayden- "Heathen, Hay Stack Clearing or From the Hedged Valley"
  • Hudson- "Son of the Hooded
  • Man or From the Hooded Man's Estate"
  • Hunter- "One Who Hunts"
  • Ian- "Gift from God or God is Gracious"
  • Isaac- "He will Laugh, Laughter or To laugh in Joy"
  • Jacob- "Supplanter, To Seize by the Heel or Obedience"
  • James- "Supplanter or One who Follows"
  • Jason- "To Heal, The Lord is Salvation or Healer"
  • John- "God is Gracious, Gift of Jehovah, Jehovah has been Gracious or may Jehovah Give Increase"
  • Jonah- "Dove, Signifies Peace and Love, A Gentle person with a Dove's Heart."

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Unique Anime Boy Names Ideas (2023)

A lot of parents nowadays are looking for unique names for their children, and that includes finding unique anime boy names. While many old-fashioned names are still in use, more and more parents are looking to pop culture for inspiration when it comes to naming their newborns. And what better place to look than to the wide world of anime?

Unique Anime Boy Names Ideas (2023)

Here are some unique anime boy names ideas:

  • Chikamasa- "One who cuts everything"
  • Dai- "Large, great"
  • Eiichi- "Prosperity and long life"
  • Fumiki- "Beautiful wood"
  • Haruki- "Spring light"
  • Ichiro- "First son"
  • Jinpei- "Warrior of metal"
  • Kaito- "Ocean wave/mythical sea turtle"
  • Keitaro- "Blessed and happy man"
  • Kenta- "Big sword"
  • Kenzo- "Obstinate one"
  • Nagare- "Flow, current"
  • Norio- "Law of the land"
  • Parental Surname- "First son"
  • Raiden- "Thunder and lightning god"
  • Ryuden- "Dragon in the field"
  • Satoru- "To understand"
  • Shigure- "Autumn rain"
  • Shougo- "Life/honor"
  • Soji- "Clear, pure"
  • Susumu- "To advance, to progress"
  • Takumi- "Artisan, craftsman"
  • Tomoki- "Wise and wealthy man"
  • Toshiaki- "Clever one who is aware of everything"
  • Yoichi- "Prosperity and long life forever"
  • Yuki- "Snow"
  • Yusuke- "Profound, wealthy man"
  • Zen- "Meditation"
  • Michio- "man who is strong like a tree"
  • Shigeru- "one who is peaceful"
  • Kazuo- "peaceful man"
  • Isamu- "courageous one"
  • Yutaka- "abundant, prosperous"
  • Hideo- "splendid warrior"
  • Teruo- "shining man"
  • Kenichi- "strong and enduring one"
  • Yoshiro- "prosperous son"
  • Katsuo- "victorious one"
  • Shunsuke- "one who is obedient"
  • Ryoichi- "valiant son"
  • Seiki- "one who controls all"
  • Koki- "solid, firm"
  • An Makoto- "peaceful truth"
  • Hiroaki- "wide sea"
  • Masaki- "correct, genuine"
  • Naoki- "sincere tree"
  • Atsushi- "industrious one"
  • Issei- "first generation"
  • Shouta- "loud firstborn son or shout of victory during war"
  • Riku- "land, six acres"
  • Haru- "springtime, born in spring"
  • Yukiya- "happy valley"
  • Haruto- "sunshine boy, rays of hope"
  • Eiji- "splendid second son or banner of glory"
  • Kei- "blessing, fortunate, lucky"
  • Shota- "first son"
  • Azuma- "east, rising sun"

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Crazy Anime Boy Names Ideas (2023)

This list of crazy anime boy names is perfect for any fan of anime who is looking for a great name for their own child.

Crazy Anime Boy Names Ideas (2023)

Whether you are looking for a cool, tough, or just plain weird name, this list of Crazy Anime Boy Names Ideas has it all!

  • Chang Wook- "Prosperous"
  • Choi Jong- "Towering and strong"
  • Do Gyung- "Justice and virtue"
  • Eun Ji Won- "Graceful pear blossom"
  • Guk Suk- "Falling leaves"
  • Ha Seok- "Ocean or sea"
  • Heo Seung Hoon- "Like a shining star"
  • Hong Ki- "Bright land or ruler"
  • Hyuk Soo- "Falling stars"
  • Im Ji Eun- "Beautiful wisdom"
  • Jeong In Seong- "Sacred and pure"
  • Ji Chang Wook- "Prosperous ruling period"
  • Kim Dong Wook- "East of the Kim clan"
  • Lee Jong Suk- "Willow tree"
  • Min Seok- "Bright stone, jade"
  • Nam Joo Hyuk-"Day rain"
  • Oh Sehun-"Deer in the field/meadow"
  • Park Bo Gum-"Treasure/precious jewel
  • Somsong- "Celebrated"
  • Aekkachai- "Blessed"
  • Chanin- "Wealthy man"
  • Supat- "Very good"
  • Kiat- "Glory"
  • Thanakorn- "Young man of high birth"
  • Poramin- "Rich and full of virtue"
  • Apisit- "Well born and wealthy"
  • Arthit- "Sunshine"
  • Atchariya- "Exalted one"
  • Bhumibol- "Greatness in land or wealth"
  • Chaovarat- "Wealthy country"
  • Chatuphum- "Beautiful land or garden"
  • Dheerasak- "Brave"
  • Ekkapol- "Powerful"
  • Jatuphum- "Beautiful gem"
  • Jetrin- "Celestial beauty"
  • Kannarut- "Handsome man - good looking"
  • Kasem- "Wealthy man"
  • Kitiphum- "Gleaming land or garden"
  • Kittiyanee- "Famous woman - beautiful lady"
  • Kompol- "Prince - young nobleman of high birth"
  • Mongkolchai- "Great warrior"
  • Narinthorn- "Man of great wisdom and learning - doctor or sage"

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Bold Anime Boy Names Ideas (2023)

Here are some bold and stylish anime boy names for you to choose from. These names are perfect for any badass character.

Bold Anime Boy Names Ideas (2023)
  • Ares- "ruined" or "bane"
  • Arrow- "swift and deadly"
  • Asher- "happy and blessed"
  • Blade- "a sharp weapon"
  • Brax- "one who loves life"
  • Cael- "independent and strong willed"
  • Casper- "treasurer" or "wealthy man"
  • Casimir- " destroyer of peace"
  • Crowley- "evil spirit" or "demon"
  • Damien- "to tame" or "tamer"
  • Ethan- "strong and enduring"
  • Fritz- " peaceful ruler"
  • Gage- "'measurer' or 'weight'"
  • Grayson- "son of the gray-haired man"
  • Huntley- "from the hunter's meadow"
  • Jagger- "one who carries a javelin"
  • Kade- "from the wetlands"
  • Kane- "warrior" or "tribute"
  • Loki- "trickster god"
  • Maddox- "benefactor" or "patron saint"
  • Malachi- "my messenger"
  • Marcel- "little warrior"
  • Nathaniel- "gift from god" or "'god has given'"
  • Neo- "'new' or 'the new one'"
  • Nico- " people of victory"
  • Odin- "highest of the gods"
  • Phoenix- "the mythical bird that rises from its own ashes"
  • Ransom- "redeemer" or "savior"
  • Sage- "'wisdom'"
  • Sawyer- "'woodcutter'"
  • Soren- "stern" or "severe"
  • Thane- "'nobleman' or 'warrior'"
  • Theo- "divine gift" or "god's gift"
  • Titus- "'defender' or 'title of honor'"
  • Wyatt- "'brave in war'"
  • Zane- "God's graces" or "bounty"
  • Arato- "storm"
  • Baldr- "lord"
  • Banri- "full of strength"
  • Barret- "intelligent warrior"
  • Blitz- "lightning"
  • Brendan- "sword"
  • Brody- "ditch"
  • Cain- "spear"
  • Casimir- "commander of the army"
  • Clancy- "red haired fighter"
  • Conall- "strong as a wolf"
  • Cormac- "raven king"
  • Daichi- "great one, large place"
  • Daire  - 'oak tree' or 'fruitful, fertile'
  • Dakota- "friend, ally"
  • Domovoi- "house spirit"
  • Donovan- "dark haired warrior"

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Final Words

We hope you enjoyed this list of anime boy names! If you have any other suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below. And don't forget to check out our other baby name lists for more inspiration. What are some of your favorite anime boy names? Let us know in the comments!

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