10 Best Multiplayer GBA Games List [October 2023 Updated]

April 26, 2022

Games are a lot of fun. And in the age of digital gaming, it is easy to find games without ever leaving your home. But nothing beats playing with friends! Here are 10 multiplayer GBA games for 2023 that you can play on your handheld device when you're out and about with friends or just want to enjoy some friendly competition at home!

Multiplayer can be done on one system or across multiple systems (with link cables). These games make great party games - just get some controllers and snacks together for an awesome evening of gaming action!


What Are GBA Games?

GBA games are Gameboy Advance Games. People who grew up with the Nintendo Gamecube and DS might not be familiar with this device, but it is exactly what people think of when they hear "Nintendo handhelds" - a small gaming system that you can hold in your hand or play on your TV!

It requires cartridges to play (like classic consoles such as the Atari 2600), but there were some absolutely fantastic GBA titles released for it. This list includes both single-player and multiplayer GBA games, so everyone will find something here!

10 Best Multiplayer GBA Games List

This is a list of the best multiplayer GBA games to play with friends. All these titles are fun and challenging in single-player, but they truly shine when you add more people to the mix!

1. Mario Kart: Super Circuit (2001)

Mario Kart Super Circuit (2001)

This one is a no-brainer! Of course, Mario Kart: Super Circuit would make the list of best multiplayer GBA games for 2023. The classic racing game from the DS and Wii includes all your favorite characters in karts with weapons - just like any good Nintendo title should! In single-player mode, you race around trying to beat each track as quickly as possible. When playing against friends or family members, though, it's about doing whatever it takes to win (even if that means using items on other players)

In this version of Mario Kart, there are twenty different tracks set in five cups! You can unlock new powerups by collecting coins throughout races - but be careful because everyone else has access too! It might take a while to unlock everything, but it is well worth the work!

Mario Kart: Super Circuit was released for GBA in 2001. It received critical acclaim and continues to be one of the best multiplayer titles available on any Nintendo console (past or present). If you like racing games with weapons, this game will make an excellent addition to your library - regardless of whether you play single-player or local co-op/versus modes!

It's a shame that there are not more Mario Kart games for GBA because they would all easily qualify as some of the best multiplayer GBA games out there. Maybe someday we'll see another entry into this wonderful series ... until then, "Git gud" at MKSC!

2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Four Swords (2002)

The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past and Four Swords (2002)

The classic adventure game from the SNES gets a remake on the GBA! The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Four Swords includes all of the original content, but also adds an extra multiplayer dungeon and more challenges for those who complete it. With cooperative play, you can now explore Hyrule together - or compete against each other in fast-paced sword fights!

The graphics are updated for the GBA, so everything looks even better than before. And with multiple save files, you can keep track of your progress as you work through the game with friends. This is definitely one title that should not be missed if you enjoy playing games with others! It

It is an adventure game where you play as a young hero named Link. He must save Princess Zelda from Ganon (the big baddie) by collecting three mystical stones, opening up paths with his trusty sword and shield, and using his wits to solve puzzles. With cooperative play, you can now explore Hyrule together - or compete against each other in fast-paced sword fights!

3. Advance Wars (2001)

Advance Wars (2001)

Strategy games are always fun to play with friends - and Advance Wars is no exception! This classic Nintendo title mixes fast-paced gameplay with a turn-based strategy for a one-of-a-kind experience. Up to four players can join the fight, so you don't have to go at it alone if playing solo isn't your style. It's challenging on every difficulty level, but that just makes the victory even sweeter when you win!

The game takes place in an alternate version of Earth where countries control super weapons instead of armies. You basically take turns moving around units on the battlefield (infantry, tanks, planes, etc.) until all enemies are destroyed or you run out of supplies/units. The story follows Andy as he helps the nation of Orange Star defeat their enemies - but there are a ton of different maps to choose from!

Advance Wars was released for GBA in 2001. It received critical acclaim and is still popular among fans today. If you enjoy fast-paced strategy games, this will be an excellent addition to your library. In fact, it might just become one of your favorite multiplayer GBA games as well!

4. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (2002)

Pokemon Ruby Sapphire (2002)

Ah, the good old days of playing Pokemon with friends. These two titles (released as one game in some regions) were the third and fourth installments of the main series - and they are still considered by many to be the best. With updated graphics, a new world to explore, and more than 150 pokemon to catch, these games were massive hits when they first came out. And since they can be played cooperatively or competitively, there's something for everyone!

You start off your adventure by choosing one of three starter Pokemon: Torchic (fire), Treecko (grass), or Mudkip (water). From there, you travel around Hoenn catching new pokemon, training them up, and battling other trainers in turn-based combat. Cooperative play allows you to explore dungeons together, which can be a lot of fun since there are so many secrets to uncover!

In addition to the main story mode, Ruby and Sapphire also have a special multiplayer battle arena where players compete against each other in pokemon battles. This is a great way for friends to show off their teams - or just settle old scores once and for all! The only downside is that it doesn't allow more than two people at a time ... but hopefully, this will change with future installments (fingers crossed)!

5. Golden Sun: The Lost Age (2003)

Golden Sun The Lost Age (2003)

Golden Sun is a turn-based RPG where you take control of four different characters. You travel the world map fighting monsters, exploring dungeons, and solving puzzles along the way. There are even towns to visit with NPCs that give outside quests! As fun as all of this sounds though, it's not nearly as exciting if you're playing solo - which is why cooperative play makes Golden Sun so great. It allows up to three friends (or computer-controlled companions) to join your journey at any time during gameplay!

It can get pretty challenging on harder modes but there's no need for frustration since you have others around who can help pick up the slack when needed. And because battles operate by each player taking turns in order, it's the perfect game for playing online with friends. Plus, there are a ton of secrets to uncover in the Golden Sun that make a cooperative play all the more enjoyable!

If you're looking for an RPG that can be enjoyed with friends, look no further than Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It's one of the best multiplayer GBA games out there and is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end!

6. Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (2004)

Kirby and The Amazing Mirror (2004)

Kirby games are all pretty fun but Kirby & The Amazing Mirror really takes it to the next level by allowing multiplayer. Each player has their own unique abilities - for example, one of them is able to fly while another can walk through walls! And since each character plays differently, you'll need to constantly switch between characters in order to survive some of the more difficult levels.

It's a great way for friends (or family members) who have never played Kirby before getting introduced and learning how everything works! While playing cooperatively will be super easy compared to the single-player mode, this also means that everyone needs to work together if they want any chance at making progress. If one person decides not to care about anyone else then there's little chance of beating the game.

There are tons of hidden treasure chests and secret levels to uncover in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, which means you'll likely need to play through it multiple times if you won't see everything there is! And since each character plays differently, this ensures that everyone will be able to enjoy their own custom adventure while playing together! If you're looking for a fun RPG with friends then look no further than Kirby & The Amazing Mirror! It's one of the best multiplayer GBA games around - especially when played on co-op mode.

7. ChuChu Rocket! (2001)

ChuChu Rocket! (2001)

ChuChu Rocket! is a puzzle game where players compete against each other to see who can get their mice into the same warp holes first. It's similar to games like Lemmings that require you to utilize the abilities of different characters in order to solve puzzles. You need quick reflexes and good coordination if you want any chance at beating your friends online, which makes it perfect for multiplayer play!

The main single-player mode isn't too exciting but there are additional modes available after completing it. One of these includes an exclusive co-op battle arena, pitting everyone against superpowered enemies! This is great news since ChuChu Rocket has never had a local or online cooperative play before - so this was a real treat for fans of the game!

If you're looking for a challenging puzzle game to play with friends, look no further than ChuChu Rocket! It's one of the best multiplayer GBA games out there and is sure to keep everyone entertained. With fast-paced gameplay that requires quick reflexes and coordination, it's perfect when played online or in co-op mode!

8. Shining Soul II (2005)

Shining Soul II (2005)

Shining Soul II is a dungeon crawler RPG with cooperative multiplayer that can be played both locally and online. It's been praised for its addictive gameplay and great co-op mode, which lets you team up with up to three other players! You'll need all the help you can get if you want to make it through the game's challenging dungeons, which are filled with deadly traps and powerful monsters.

What makes Shining Soul II so much fun is how each player has their own unique ability that they can use to help out the rest of the party. For example, one player might have the power to heal allies while another can attack enemies from a distance. This ensures that everyone is always useful - even when playing solo!

If you're looking for a great RPG to play with friends then Shining Soul II is for you. It's one of the best multiplayer GBA games around and is sure to keep everyone entertained for hours on end. With fun gameplay mechanics that are easy-to-use but challenging at the same time, it manages to provide an engaging single-player experience while still allowing players who prefer coop mode to get in on the action too!

9. Pokemon Emrald (2004)

Pokemon Emrald (2004)

Pokemon Emerald is a great Pokemon game for anyone who likes playing with friends. It's perfect when played online since you can join up with other people to fight powerful boss characters and complete difficult quests together! The main story might be lacking but the post-game content makes up for it, featuring additional areas that are only accessible after beating the final bosses. This ensures hours of gameplay even if you manage to beat everything there is on offer - which isn't an easy task at all!

While some prefer FireRed & LeafGreen over Pokemon Emerald, many still consider this Gameboy Advance release as one of their favorite games in the franchise. You won't see any new Pokemon or changes to the battle system here but what you will find is some of the best online cooperative play available in a Pokemon game. If you're looking for an engaging multiplayer adventure to embark on with friends, then look no further than Emerald!

10. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (2003)

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (2003)

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo is a tile-matching puzzle game that pits players against each other in a battle to see who can clear their screen first. With fast-paced gameplay and frantic action, it's perfect when played with friends online!

The best part about Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo is how every player has their own unique ability that they can use to gain an advantage over the competition. These abilities range from creating extra blocks to stealing tiles from your opponent - so there are plenty of strategic options available at any given time!

If you're looking for a fun puzzle game to play with friends then Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo is a perfect choice. With its frantic action and strategic gameplay, it's sure to provide a challenge that everyone can enjoy!


That's it for our list of the best multiplayer GBA games! We hope you've found something that interests you and we can't wait to hear what you think about them. Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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