Heroes of Crown Tier List (September 2023) Character Ranked

March 18, 2023

Are you looking for the best units to use in Heroes of Crown? Look no further - this comprehensive tier list contains all the information needed to help decide which characters and weapons are worth focusing on to get ahead. So in this article, we are going to look into the "Heroes of Crown tier list".

From the strongest legendary heroes sporting powerful blades to more mysterious archetypes that rely on magical spells and wands, every unit has been carefully assessed and evaluated with an eye toward creating an unbeatable team. Whether it's your first foray into combat or you've been playing since launch day, our tier list will provide invaluable guidance when picking out your allies.

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Heroes of Crown: A Quick Introduction

Heroes of Crown is an exciting new game where players build their teams of characters, each with special powers and abilities. These powerful units can then be put together to battle against other players with their customizable team formations.

Heroes of Crown: A Quick Introduction

With all these character combinations, every game feels unique, and every battle is full of surprises! To ensure your team has the best chance of victory, you'll want to check out our entire tier list for which characters are the strongest and most powerful for any team composition. That way, you'll always have the edge and be ready for whatever challenge awaits!

Heroes of Crown Tier List (2023)

Welcome to the Heroes of Crown tier list, where you can discover the most powerful units in the game. Our ranking system lets users quickly know which characters are useful in any match-up, giving you an advantage in battle.

Heroes of Crown Tier List (2023)

With the help of detailed analysis and crisp visuals, you will now have the tools needed to pick a winning team every time. Check out our tier list for all your Heroes of Crown needs!

Heroes of Crown S Tier List (2023)

Take the ultimate path to victory with Heroes of Crown's S-Tier Units! As the highest-ranked units in the game, it takes tremendous skill and strategy to master these elite combatants.

Heroes of Crown S Tier List (2023)

By combining impressive stats with superior skills, S-Tier Units will take your team to a new power level. Whether you are on a quest for glory or looking for an edge in high-stakes duels, optimize your roster with the best of the best from Heroes of Crown S-Tier Units!

  • Seductress Lilith
  • Valkyrie Arvette
  • Monkey King Sun WuKong
  • Pearl – Baby Shark
  • Full of Destruction Morrian
  • Super Twins Bella & Ella
  • Don – Master Dragon
  • Constantia – Tempest Dragon
  • Merilyn – Lord of Time
  • Sword Master Sylvie
  • Viya – Celestial Spear
  • Blade of Shadows Arlune
  • Sinister Dragoon Brunnhilde
  • Nerishta – Dragon Princess
  • Marloc – Blazing Heart
  • Adjudicator Anubis
  • Malicious Puppet Andrew
  • Sera – Shield of Partha
  • Elementalist Grail

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Heroes of Crown A Tier List (2023)

The A-tier units in Heroes of Crown are legendary heroes of great power and influence. These characters stand out, representing exceptional ability and incredible strength. Whether it is their unique skills and abilities or their strategic gameplay style, much can be learned from the prowess of these champions.

Heroes of Crown A Tier List (2023)

Playing as or against any of these powerful entities will provide an immense challenge for even the most experienced gamers, ensuring every playthrough of Heroes of Crown remains exciting as ever.

  • Blessed Guardian Garde
  • Conny – Might of Partha
  • Eurus – Endless Storm
  • Eternal Flame
  • Genkuro – Oni-Mak Ronin
  • Nelly Ishtar – Fire Dragon
  • Kin – Flower Frenzy
  • Atargatis – Daughter of the Sea
  • Tang – Master Dragon
  • Seraphine – Sea Guardian
  • Armored Mech Omega
  • Wendy – Rose Princess
  • Scarlet Velvet Mousse
  • Underworld Strider Sardimund
  • Terrastoya – Howling Wind

Heroes of Crown B Tier List (2023)

Unsurprisingly, A and S-tier units are the most powerful in any game, but it can be easy to overlook B-tier units. Heroes of Crown's B-tier units offer plenty of potential and performance in their own right.

Heroes of Crown B Tier List (2023)

Many players have found success by creating team comps solely composed of these middle-of-the-road heroes - ultimately leading to some great wins and unpredictable strategies that other players may not have anticipated. If you're looking for something fresh and exciting, exploring the world of B-tier units is definitely an option worth considering!

  • Alicia – Daughter of Flame
  • Luminescent Light
  • Revenant Knight Alex
  • Elovi – Huntress
  • Smiling Miracle Pocah
  • Fruit Candy
  • Himmelia – Lord of Artemis
  • Sark – Deep Sea Fury
  • Baldur – Night Owl
  • Astral Guardian
  • Dana – Frost Spirit
  • Siren – Sea Witch

Heroes of Crown C Tier List (2023)

C-tier units are the weakest heroes in Heroes of Crown. They have the least base stats, so they are not as capable of taking on powerful enemies. However, they can still be used effectively if they are well-equipped and positioned strategically.

Heroes of Crown C Tier List (2023)

Even though they may be weakest compared to others, these heroes should not be overlooked. With proper itemization and planning, C-tier units can still be incredibly helpful allies.

  • Laigna – Elf Prince
  • Daughter of Nature
  • Doomsayer Lance
  • Devotee of Truth
  • Emperor of Light
  • Alpha – Savage Beast
  • Lada – Pirate King
  • Wandering Knight
  • Halberd of Exile
  • Molten Fury
  • Mournful Hunter Barton
  • Aigre – Devil Devourer
  • Beauvue – Axe Berserker
  • Ariel – Ancient Warlock
  • Gawain – Ice Guard
  • Avrora – Iron Fist
  • Wild Huntress
  • Blade of Storms Saru
  • Augustus – Archivist
  • Dorothy – Water Sage
  • Baldur – Blade of Storms
  • Mad Inventor Toto

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best units in Heroes of Crown?

A: The best units in Heroes of Crown are the S-tier units, followed by A-tier, B-tier and C-tier, respectively. Each tier offers unique advantages and strengths to help you customize your team for victory.

2. Is Using the Heroes of Crown tier list cheating?

A: No, using tier lists is not cheating. It's simply a helpful tool that can provide guidance and insight into which characters are the most powerful and effective in any situation. Ultimately, ensuring your team functions properly and makes the right decisions in battle is still up to you.

3. Is this Heroes of Crown tier list based on the latest version of the game?

A: Yes, this Heroes of Crown tier list is based on the latest version of the game. It has been updated to provide accurate data and rankings for all units. Check back regularly for updates as new content is released.

4. Is Heroes of Crown a free-to-play game?

A: Yes, Heroes of Crown is a free-to-play game. It is available on mobile platforms.

5. How can you improve at Heroes of Crown?

A: Improving at Heroes of Crown requires dedication and practice. Make sure to study the tier lists, each character's stats, and their abilities. Additionally, playing with friends who are experienced in the game can be beneficial for honing your skills.

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Final Words

In summary, the Heroes of Crown tier list is incredibly useful for understanding which units have the best power levels in-game. The S-tier comprises the highest-powered and best-performing characters, while A and B-tier include those that are strong but not quite as powerful. C Tier comprises all remaining characters who are still useful and can get the job done when deployed properly.

This tier list provides valuable insight into making your character selection decisions easier and more informed, helping players create strategies to succeed both in solo play and when coordinating with other players. With this knowledge, you can evolve your style of play and push yourself to reach higher standards in the world of Heroes of Crown!

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