550+ Knight Names Ideas (2023) Best, Cool, Medieval, Tough

January 17, 2023

A knight is an honorable and noble warrior that fights for the king, queen, or country. He is brave and fights with a sword and shield. During the battle, a knight will wear armor to protect himself from his opponent’s weapons. The armor is made of metal and is very heavy. So in this article, we will look into "550+ Knight Names Ideas".

A knight will also have a horse to help him travel and move around the battlefield. The horse will also be equipped with armor to protect it from enemy weapons. The word "knight" comes from the Old English knight, which means "boy" or "servant". In the Middle Ages, a knight was a man who served in the cavalry of an army. Today, knights are often associated with chivalry and honor.

People use knight names for their story characters or D&D games. Today's article, we have come up with a comprehensive list of knight names for your story or game character. But before you jump into the list section, quickly glide through the tips for choosing a knight name.

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Tips For Choosing A Knight Name (2023)

Below are some tips which might help you choose the right Knight Name:

Tips For Choosing A Knight Name (2023)
  • Your knight name should be reflective of your personality or the role you play in the story.
  • A good knight's name is short, sweet, and to the point.
  • Real-life knights like King Arthur or Sir Lancelot can inspire your knight's name.
  • You can also choose a name based on a medieval theme, such as "Sir William" or "Lady Joan".
  • If you play a role-playing game, your knight name should reflect your character.

There are many different types of knights, each with its name, titles, and roles. Here is a list of some common knight names.

Best Knight Names Ideas (2023)

Best Knight Names Ideas (2023)

Here are the best knight names for you. We are sure you will find the perfect name for your character with the best knight names. These names represent different aspects of the medieval age.

  • Faren the Swift
  • Bolton the Cleanser
  • Garran the Protector
  • Karrick the Bold
  • Lancer the just
  • Owyn the Cunning
  • Severin the Patient
  • Wendel the Daring
  • Zephyr the Unseen
  • Inghram the Clearheaded
  • Odo the Righteous
  • Ursus the Wis
  • Wulfric the Strong
  • Arrianne the Brave
  • Bryn the Skilled
  • Isabeau of the Woods
  • Senta of the Rose
  • Talia of the Stars
  • Crispin the Merciful
  • Eadwyn the Trustworthy
  • Percival the Holy
  • Sebastian the Merciful
  • Tristan the Daring
  • Xavier the Righteous
  • Ysabelle the Brave
  • Zorion the Wise
  • Cuthbert the Unwavering
  • Gawain the Pious
  • Hector the Dauntless
  • Lancelot the Devoted
  • Percival the Righteous
  • Roland the True
  • Siegfried the Steadfast
  • Tristan the Purehearted
  • Uther the Steadfast
  • Vortigern the Bold
  • Wolfram the Loyal
  • Tuesdays the Terrible
  • Thornbeast the Awful
  • Scourgebringer the Wicked
  • Demonfang the Vile
  • Hatefuljaw the Cruel
  • Soulless the Depraved
  • Grimtooth the Evil
  • Butcherface the Nefarious
  • Carriontongue the loathsome
  • Stormheart the Sinister

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Cool Knight Names Ideas (2023)

Here are some cool knight names for your gaming characters or if you are just looking for a unique name. If you need help finding the perfect name for your character, our team can assist you.

Cool Knight Names Ideas (2023)
  • Sevrin the Storm
  • Tancred the Bold
  • Urien of the Flame
  • Vandar the Earthshaker
  • Zephaniah the Windrider
  • Kjell the Unforgiving
  • Oda the Vengeful
  • Sigurd the Ruthless
  • Thorgard the Destroyer
  • Wendel the Ardent
  • Andric the Determined
  • Berengar the Ferocious
  • Cedric the Unforgiving
  • Fulk the Vengeful
  • Gareth the Fierce
  • Guythe of the Burning Blade
  • Hogan the Merciless
  • Joram the Victorious
  • Lander the Triumphant
  • Ogier the Ruthless
  • Roland the Fearless
  • Turpin the Mighty
  • Cnut the Terrible
  • Dagobert the Enraged
  • Grimwald the Cruel
  • Hartwig the Ruthless
  • Hilderic the Vengeful
  • Lothair the Violent
  • Otto the Madman
  • Pippin the Evil
  • Roric the Wicked
  • Sigismund the Bloody
  • Tristan the Savage
  • Wigbert the Ferocious
  • Fridrik the Ruthless
  • Grimbald the Vengeful
  • Hagbard the Evil
  • Heimir the Wicked
  • Jarl the Terrible
  • Kalfr the Cruel
  • Osmund the Bloody
  • Ragnvald the Savage
  • Snorri the Evil
  • Thrainn the Madman
  • Wulfric the Ferocious
  • Khalid the Cruel
  • Sahl the Vengeful
  • Tariq the Wicked
  • Zakariah the Evil
  • Amon the Bloody
  • Azrael the Madman
  • Cain the Ferocious
  • Damien the Savage
  • Erebus the Terrible
  • Hadrianus the Evil
  • Ivanhoe the Ruthless
  • Kane the Vengeful
  • Leopoldus the Merciless
  • Mordecai the Wicked
  • Severus the Bloody 
  • Tyrus the Ferocious
  • Saturninus the Vengeful
  • Theodoricus the Madman
  • Valerianus the Bloody
  • Wulfhard the Ferocious
  • Zarathustra the Wicked 
  • Acheron the Terrible
  • Apollyon the Bloody
  • Asmodeus the Cruel
  • Belial the Evil
  • Cerberus the Vengeful
  • Dis Pater the Madman
  • Eurystheus the Ruthless
  • Furius Camillus the Wicked
  • Gabrielthe Fierce
  • Hecatethe Savage
  • Iblis the Terrible
  • Jabberwocky Vicious

Medieval Knight Names Ideas (2023)

During the medieval ages, knighthood was a highly revered social class. So, if you are looking for a medieval name for your game character or baby, look no further than these Knight names. They exude strength, power, and courage.

Medieval Knight Names Ideas (2023)
  • Kaulder the Dreamer
  • Leot of the Moon
  • Mordred the Betrayer
  • Oberon the Trickster
  • Percival the Bold
  • Sagramore the Passionate
  • Tristan the Lover
  • Uther the King
  • Vortigern the Usurper
  • Wiglaf the Brave
  • Bedivere the Loyal
  • Galahad the Pure
  • Guinevere the Queen
  • Lancelot the Knight
  • Morgan le Fay the Witch
  • Gawain the Green Knight
  • Passelande the Falcon
  • Sir Kay the Seneschal
  • Merlyn the Wizard
  • King Arthur the Once and Future King
  • Mordred the Evil One
  • Ector de Maris
  • Pellinore the Questing Beast Hunter
  • Sir Gawain the Green Knight
  • Tom a'Lincoln the Outlaw
  • Robin Hood the Forest Ranger
  • Azrael the Angel of Death
  • Beleth the Archdemon
  • Hildebrand the Wealthy
  • Johanan the Well-Educated
  • Kilian the Scholar
  • Meinrad the Merciful
  • Otger the Judge
  • Theoderic the Mighty
  • Waldemar the Diplomat
  • Camael the Archangel of Justice
  • Gabriel the Archangel of Revelation
  • Michael the Archangel of Protection
  • Raphael the Archangel of Healing
  • Samael the Archdemon
  • Satan the Evil One
  • Uriel the Archangel of Judgment
  • Robert Guiscard The Crafty
  • Geoffroy Villehardouin The Historian
  • Richard the Lionheart The Crusader King
  • Saladin The Sultan
  • Genghis Khan The Universal Ruler
  • Tamerlane The Great Emi
  • Vlad the Impaler The Butcher of Wallachia
  • Joan of Arc The of Orleans
  • Napoleon Bonaparte The Little Corporal
  • Geronimo The Apache Warrior
  • Hiawatha The Peacemaker
  • Quanah Parker The Comanche Chief
  • Einion the Farmer
  • Gethin the Hunter
  • Iolo the Woodsman
  • Llywelyn the Archer
  • Merfyn the Scholar
  • Owain the Warrior
  • Rhys the Smith
  • Taran the Cattle-driver
  • Gwyn the Shepherdess
  • Branwen the Weaver
  • Ceridwen the Seer
  • Blodeuwedd the Maiden
  • Arianrhod The Star Goddess
  • Modron The Great Mother
  • Rhiannon The Horse Goddess

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Tough Knight Names Ideas (2023)

These tough knight names are ideal for game characters who need to exude strength and power. With these names, your characters will be sure to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies.

Tough Knight Names Ideas (2023)
  • Raukallum the Fire Branded
  • Burokaptur the Battleworn
  • Kazulog the Immovable
  • Mallus the Merciless
  • Strakulor the Undefeated
  • Thalaricus the Unbreakable
  • Warlord Garrik of the Hundred Battles
  • Vas the Unforgiving
  • Ragnus the Destroyer
  • Fredericus the Brute
  • Jurdan the Devoted
  • Rauf the Mild
  • Mihel the Champ
  • Rayner the Quick
  • Sagarus of the Dark
  • Cole the Handsome
  • Doran the Bold
  • Bran the Unwashed
  • Keras the Fearless
  • Paxus the Lucky
  • Rufus the Bold
  • Titus the Strong
  • Lysander the Lionhearted
  • Aramus the Swift
  • Xavier the Daring
  • Cassius the Patient
  • Ethanus of Fortitude
  • Gregory of Valor
  • Lucius of Honor
  • Fritigir the Passionate
  • Gebhard the Quiet
  • Hildibrand the Sincere
  • Ingmar the Loyal
  • Konrad the Honest
  • Manfred the Trustworthy
  • Oswald the Courageous
  • Siegfried the Faithful
  • Winfried the Brave
  • Grimwald the Just
  • Otto of the Mountain
  • Theodericus the Pious
  • Vincentius the Pure
  • Anselmus the Good
  • Balthasar the Righteous
  • Caius the Benevolent
  • Damianus the Saintly
  • Eusebius the Holy
  • Fidelis the devout
  • Laurentius of Light
  • Sebastianus of Holiness
  • Porcius the Forgiving
  • Decimus the tolerant
  • Felix the Merciful
  • Geminus the compassionate
  • Irenaeus the gentle
  • Sawney the Unforgiving
  • Thistle the Merciless
  • Borin the Destroyer
  • Dorn the merciless
  • Grim the Invincible
  • Hakon the Undefeated
  • Krakus the Unbreakable
  • Mordag the Devoted
  • Tevorix the Unlucky
  • Falon the Young
  • Jandar the Wary
  • Marius the Elder
  • Ragnarök of Doom
  • Sigmar of War

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Fantasy Knight Names Ideas (2023)

If you are looking for a fantasy name for your game character, look no further than these knight names. They are perfect for any type of fantasy character.

Fantasy Knight Names Ideas (2023)
  • Merlin the Powerful
  • Gandalf the Gray
  • Dumbledore the Confusing
  • Saruman the White
  • Radagast the Brown
  • Grindal the Red
  • Alatar the Blue
  • Pallando the Yellow
  • Legolas the Tall
  • Arwen the Beautiful
  • Galadriel the Wise
  • Erestor the Clever
  • Haldir the Strong
  • Gimli the Proud
  • Thorin Oakenshield
  • Dwalinthe Beard
  • Fulk, el Justo
  • Gawain, el Puro
  • Percival, el inocente
  • Lancelot, el Audaz
  • Guinevere, la Traicionera
  • Mordred, el Usurpador
  • Merlín, el Mago
  • Arturo, el Rey
  • Kay, el Lento
  • Bedwyr, el Fiel
  • Vlad the Impaler
  • Roland, l'Invincible
  • Odilon, le Fou
  • Geoffroy, le Brave
  • Lothaire, le Lépreux
  • Guy de Montfort, the Mad Duke
  • Gautier, the Damned
  • Kallark the Brightest Star
  • Vulko the Wise
  • Amon, le Juste
  • Crispin, l'Ardent
  • Gawain, the Perfect Knight
  • Lancelot, the Bold
  • Guinevere, the Treacherous
  • Mordred, the Usurper
  • Merlin, the Wizard
  • Arthur, the King
  • Kay, the Slow
  • Bedwyr, the Faithful
  • Cedric the Ugly
  • Grendel the Evil
  • Beowulf the Terrible
  • Prince Vultan of Mongo
  • Flash Gordon of Earth
  • Ivan the Terrible
  • Siegfried, le Droit

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Female Knight Names Ideas (2023)

While knights were typically men, some women held the title as well. If you are looking for a female knight name, look no further than these names. They represent strength and power just like their male counterparts.

Female Knight Names Ideas (2023)
  • Rebecca the Unforgiving
  • Isabella the Formidable
  • Triska the Catapult
  • Gwendith the Longbow
  • Dame Martine of the Dawn
  • Isabella the Formidable
  • Gyrard the Smile
  • Ferri the Hungry
  • Marioth the Honest
  • Sybbyl the Prodigy
  • Hilfren the Battleaxe
  • Prisila the Pikewoman
  • Gwendiththe Longbow
  • Tiffonia the Gracious
  • Simon of the Lake
  • Grissell the Huntress
  • Brunhild the Fierce
  • Dame Agatha of the Moon
  • Gwendolyn the Enforcer
  • Eleanore the Determined
  • Donia the Unstoppable
  • Fiona the Intimidator
  • Aurora the Protector
  • Lysette the Unforgiving
  • Elizabeth the Mighty
  • Anne the Fearless
  • Mirielda the Huge
  • Maysaunt the Old
  • Meryld the Huntress
  • Isata the Black
  • Cebe the Green
  • Eloise the Blue
  • Simone the Red
  • Catherine the Great
  • Marie the Invincible
  • Sarai the Daring
  • Moria the Cowardly
  • Jala the Bold
  • Katherine the Dishonorable
  • Lydia the Vengeful
  • Reyna the Hopeless
  • Shalia The Cruel
  • Vivienne The Naive
  • Mirielda The Huge
  • Maysaunt The Old
  • Meryld The Huntress
  • Isata The Black
  • Cebe The Green
  • Eloise The Blue
  • Simone of Arcadia
  • Marie-Therese d'Arcadia
  • Elizabeth Bathory

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There are many different types of knights, each with its unique name. Whether you are looking for a name for a fantasy character or a historical figure, these names will give you some inspiration. So go out there and find your perfect knight name!

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