My Hero Academia Tier List (2023) Best Characters

January 20, 2023

If you're a fan of superhero anime, then you've probably heard of My Hero Academia. The show is incredibly popular and for a good reason. It's got great characters, an interesting plot, and amazing action scenes. So in this article, we will look into "My Hero Academia tier list".

My Hero Academia is a great show, but it's also a complicated one. There are a lot of characters, and each of them has unique abilities. It can be tough to track who is powerful and who isn't.

To make it easier for you, we've put together a list of the most powerful characters in My Hero Academia. If you wish to improve your understanding of the show or know who the most powerful characters are, read on!

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My Hero Academia: A Quick Introduction

MHA was released in 2014 and has been considered one of the most popular shounen anime games. The story is set in a world where people with superpowers, known as "Quirks", are commonplace. Izuku Midoriya has to overcome many challenges to achieve his dream of becoming a professional superhero like his idol, All Might.

My Hero Academia: A Quick Introduction

Izuku's life changes forever when he meets All Might and discovers that he has the potential to become a powerful hero. From then on, Izuku trains hard to become the best hero he can be. The game's objective is to fight and defeat villains using a variety of Quirks, which are special abilities. The gameplay is simple and easy to understand, which makes it perfect for people of all ages.

The anime has been praised for its unique take on the superhero genre and its strong characters and story arcs. It's no surprise that it's one of the most popular shows around, and with three seasons and a movie already released, there's a lot of content to catch up on.

My Hero Academia Tier List (2023)

A tier list is a list that ranks the characters in a game based on their power level. In this MHA tier list, we'll be ranking the characters from weakest to strongest.

MHA Tier List (2023)

There are many benefits of an My Hero Academia tier list including:

  • Firstly, it can help you understand each character's power level.
  • Secondly, it can help you to decide who to main (play as) in the game.
  • Lastly, seeing where your favorite characters rank is fun and interesting.

The MHA tier list is divided into 5 tiers, ranging from S to D. S being the strongest and D being the weakest. Without further ado, let's get started with the tier lists:

MHA S Tier List (2023)

These are the most powerful characters in the game. Also known as the cream of the crop, the S-tier characters are almost always guaranteed to win a fight. If you wish to main any of these characters, you're in for a treat.

MHA S Tier List (2023)
  • Stain
  • WHM Shoto
  • Endeavor
  • WHM Deku
  • All Might

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MHA A Tier List (2023)

The A tier is where things start to get more balanced. These characters are still powerful, but they have some flaws which their opponents can exploit. If you're looking for a challenge, an A-tier character is a good option.

MHA A Tier List (2023)
  • Nejire
  • Tsuyu Asui
  • Tomura Shigaraki
  • Katsuki Bakugo
  • Tenya Iida
  • Aizawa
  • Tokoyami
  • Uraraka
  • WHM Bakugo
  • Hawks

MHA B Tier List (2023)

The B tier is where we start to see some weaker characters. These characters are not as strong as the others and will often lose in fights. However, they can still hold their own if played correctly. If you're looking for an easy time, making a B-tier character is not recommended.

MHA B Tier List (2023)
  • Momo
  • Todoroki
  • Izuku/Deku
  • Denki Kaminari
  • Dabi

MHA C Tier List (2023)

The C tier is where we see the below-average characters in the game. These characters are at a severe disadvantage and almost always lose in fights. If you're looking for a character to main, it is recommended that you avoid the C tier.

  • Eijiro Kirishima
  • Minoru Mineta

MHA D Tier List (2023)

The D tier is where we see the absolute weakest characters in the game. These characters are at such a severe disadvantage that they are almost unusable. If you're looking for a character to main, it is recommended that you avoid the D tier altogether.

MHA D Tier List (2023)
  • Tamaki Amajiki(Suneater)
  • Ojiro
  • Mina Ashido
  • Minato Takayama

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an My Hero Academia tier list?

An My Hero Academia tier list is a list that ranks the characters in My Hero Academia from strongest to weakest. The characters are ranked based on their power and how they contribute to the team as a whole.

Q. Why should I care about a My Hero Academia tier list?

An My Hero Academia tier list can be useful for deciding which characters to focus on when playing the game. It can also help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each character and how they might fare against each other in battle.

Q. What factors are considered when making an MHA tier list?

Some factors can be considered while making an MHA tier list. Some of these include:
-The character's power
-The character's role on the team
-The character's usefulness in battle
-The character's popularity

Q. How often is the My Hero Academiatier list updated?

The My Hero Academia tier list is typically updated after releasing each new character. However, it can also be updated more frequently if significant changes to the game warrant a re-evaluation of the characters' power levels.

Q. How accurate is the My Hero Academia tier list?

The My Hero Academia tier list is not 100% accurate, but it is generally considered a good indicator of a character's strength. However, it should not be the only factor in deciding which characters to use in battle.

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Final Words

Overall, My Hero Academia is a great anime with many powerful characters. It is hard to determine who is the most powerful, but this list provides a good starting point.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post. What are your thoughts on this MHA tier list? Who do you think should be higher or lower on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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