Revival Witch Tier List (March 2023) Best Dolls Ranked

March 17, 2023

Revival Witch was released in November 2021, and this adventure Role-Play game has gained immense popularity among gamers worldwide. The game is available on Android and iOS platforms, so you can enjoy the game on any device. It was developed by PixelNeko and published by Yostar. So in this article, we will look into "Revival Witch tier list".

The story starts with a maiden who is reposted in the forest and is awakened by a soft calling from nowhere. She's a witch who doesn't remember anything about her past. This is where the adventure begins as she teams up with various characters and explores their world.

The graphics of this game are stunning, depicting a vibrant and beautiful landscape in its entirety. The characters have unique designs and personalities that make them feel alive and come to life. You can experience fighting between monsters, searching for rare items, and solving puzzles.

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Revival Witch: A Quick Introduction

Released in 2021, Revival Witch is a role-playing game developed by PixelNeko and published by Yostar. In the game, you take control of a young witch who wakes up in a forest with no memory of her past. As she sets out on an adventure to discover her identity and uncover the world's mysteries, she teams up with unique characters and explores her surroundings.

Revival Witch: A Quick Introduction

The game received many positive reviews from critics, who praised its vibrant and beautiful graphics, unique characters with distinctive personalities, and thrilling combat. Furthermore, the game features many puzzles for players to solve as they progress through the story.

Overall, Revival Witch is an enjoyable game that can provide hours upon hours of entertainment to both casual and hardcore gamers alike. If you want to experience an exciting adventure with a unique twist, this game is worth checking out!

Revival Witch Tier List (2023)

Revival Witch comes up with a large roster of characters or dolls as they are known, each with its unique abilities. With such a huge variety, it can be difficult to determine which characters have the best overall performance in the game. To help players make an informed decision, we have compiled a Revival Witch tier list of the top dolls or characters in Revival Witch.

Revival Witch Tier List (2023)

The following is a tier list divided into four tiers, with S being the highest and C being the lowest. This tier list will help players select the best characters for their team composition.

Revival Witch S Tier List (2023)

S-tier dolls are the best characters in Revival Witch, offering powerful abilities and high effectiveness. They excel in almost all situations and are considered must-haves for any team composition. So, here is the list of the best characters in Revival Witch:

Revival Witch S Tier List (2023)
  • Celanya
  • Kapla
  • Afallen
  • Tuonel
  • Cathrine
  • Amanami
  • Metamorphoses
  • Mineer
  • Curtana
  • Arcana
  • Akasha
  • Ella
  • Dorin
  • Ushpia

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Revival Witch A Tier List (2023)

These dolls are good but not as powerful as the S-tier dolls. They still offer powerful special abilities and are considered to be great additions to any team composition. These characters are worth picking up for their versatility and power.

Revival Witch A Tier List (2023)
  • Sher
  • Nannar
  • Yui
  • Caledonia
  • U-Pollyben
  • Lilia
  • Cynetia
  • Flora
  • Mayahuel
  • Goorveig
  • La Crima
  • Cersivey
  • Akasha

Revival Witch B Tier List (2023)

Average characters, these dolls offer good abilities but are not outstanding in any particular situation. They may be useful in certain team compositions and can add a unique flair to your team dynamics.

Revival Witch B Tier List (2023)
  • Luan
  • Datheios
  • Flora
  • Pakane
  • Inn & Lou
  • Kyphon
  • Norn
  • Tama

Revival Witch C Tier List (2023)

Weakest characters available in the game, they are best left as backups and should not be used as your primary team composition. They may have some utility in specific scenarios but will generally be outclassed by higher-tier characters.

Revival Witch C Tier List (2023)
  • Acheronte
  • Yothaya
  • Ruda
  • Czerni
  • Mikoto
  • Yurugu
  • Nocturna
  • Elis
  • Nemesi
  • Shuffle
  • Croche
  • Mortimer
  • Hilda
  • Viola
  • Anenome
  • Cuspidata
  • Octavia
  • Miku
  • Eulalia
  • Primula
  • Cetess
  • Avil
  • Fey

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best characters in Revival Witch?

A: Ella, Dorin and other S-tier characters are considered the best characters in Revival Witch.

2. How can you improve your team in Revival Witch?

A: You can improve your team by selecting the best characters for each situation and ensuring they complement one another. You should also try to acquire rare items and upgrade them as much as possible. Finally, it would be best if you practiced with your team composition to find which strategy works best for you.

3. Are C-tier characters still viable in Revival Witch?

A: C-tier characters can still be useful in specific scenarios, though they should generally not be your primary team composition. They can provide extra utility and add a unique flair to your team dynamics.

4. Is a Revival Witch free to play game?

A: Yes, Revival Witch is a free-to-play game available on multiple platforms, including PC, iOS, and Android.

5. Is this Revival Witch tier list based on the latest updates?

A: Yes, this tier list is based on the latest updates of Revival Witch. It is constantly updated to reflect changes in the game.

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Final Words

Revival Witch is a great game that offers a unique and exciting experience. Using our Revival Witch tier list, you can ensure that your team composition is the best for any situation. With the right characters and some practice, you can dominate the battlefield! Good luck!

Happy gaming!

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