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January 23, 2023

In role-playing games and stories, it’s common for players and characters to have Viking names. In this article today, we’ll be looking at some of the most common Viking names and their meanings. We are sure you will find the perfect name for your character from this list!

Vikings are a group of people who shared a common culture and lived in Scandinavia from the 8th to the 11th centuries. They are known for their exploration and raids, which took them all over Europe.

The word “biking” comes from the Old Norse word víkingr, which means “pirate” or “raider”. Vikings were often portrayed as barbarians in popular culture, which is inaccurate. In reality, they were highly skilled and adaptable people.

Viking names have become popular in recent years due to the popularity of Viking-themed movies, TV shows, and video games. Many people choose Viking names for their characters because they think it sounds cool or because they are fans of Norse mythology. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of great Viking names to choose from!

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Tips for Choosing Viking Names (2023)

Here are some tips for choosing Viking names:

Tips for Choosing Viking Names (2023)
  • If you’re looking for a name for a character in a story or game, try to choose a name that fits the character’s personality. For example, if your character is brave and strong, you might want to choose a name like Ragnar or Sigrid.
  • If you’re looking for a Viking name, try to find one with meaning. Many Viking names are connected to nature, so you could choose a name like Freya (which means “lady of the animals”) or Björn (which means “bear”).
  • You can also use Viking names as inspiration for naming your pets! Dogs and cats are popular pets in Scandinavia, so why not give your pet a Viking-inspired name?
  • Choose unique names. With the popularity of Viking-themed entertainment, you might want to choose a name that’s not too common. This way, you’ll stand out from the crowd!
  • Be creative! There are no set rules for creating Viking names, so feel free to be creative and have fun with it.

Now you know some tips for choosing Viking names, let’s look at some of the most popular Viking names and their meanings.

Viking Names Ideas for Boys (2023)

Viking Names Ideas for Boys (2023)

Naming your baby is an important decision that will stay with him for the rest of his life. If you’re looking for a name with some history and meaning behind it, then a Viking name could be perfect. Here are some of our favorites Viking names ideas for boys.

  • Sven (Young man)
  • Hakon (Highborn)
  • Erik (Ever-ruler)
  • Anders (Manly, brave)
  • Bjorn (Bear)
  • Kasper (Treasurer)
  • Lars (Laurel)
  • Oscar (God’s spear)
  • Axel (Father of peace)
  • Maximilian (The greatest)
  • Edvin (Wealthy friend)
  • Viktor (Conqueror)
  • Felix (Fortunate, lucky)
  • Emil (Excelling, surpassing)
  • Isak (He will laugh)
  • Leif (Beloved, legacy)
  • Noak (Rest or comfort)
  • Simon (Hearing or obedient)
  • Loki (Trickster God)
  • Fenrir ( monstrous wolf in Norse mythology)
  • Odin (Allfather God)
  • Baldr (God of Light and Beauty)
  • Heimdallr (Whitesteed Guardian)
  • Tyr (God of War)
  • Freyr (Fertility God)
  • Njord (Sea God)
  • Vidarr (silent God)
  • Bragi (God of Poetry)
  • Ullr (God of Hunting)
  • Vali (Avenger)
  • Hermóðr (Messenger)
  • Kári (Storm Wind)
  • Sköll (Chaser)
  • Hati (Hater )
  • Magni (Strong)
  • Modi (Angry)
  • Riki (Strong Power)
  • Byrdi (Protector)
  • Orvar (Arrow Warrior)
  • Gunnarr (Battle Brave)
  • Thor (The God of Thunder)
  • Aiden (Fiery)
  • Conall (Strong as a Wolf)
  • Lachlan (From the Land of Lakes)
  • Ewan (Youthful Warrior)
  • Quinn (Intelligent)
  • Ronan (Little Seal)
  • Cillian (Warrior or Churchman)
  • Callum (Dove)
  • Finlay (White Warrior)
  • Lorcan (Fierce as a Wolf)
  • Tadhg (Poet or Philosopher)
  • Cian (Ancient or Enduring)
  • Oisin (Deer Lover or Young Deer)
  • Gearoid (Spear Carrier or Watchful One)
  • Cathal (Battle Ruler or Mighty in Battle)
  • Daire (Oak Tree Grove)
  • Donnacha (Strong Warrior)
  • Rory (Red King or Famous Ruler)
  • Eoghan (Born of the Yew Tree or Youthful)
  • Finnian ( Fair or White)
  • Conor (High Desire or Wolf Lover)
  • Darragh ( Wealthy or Dark Oak )
  • Niall (Champion or Passionate)
  • Seamus (He who Supplants or Aramaic for James)
  • Brendan (Prince or Storied Warrior)

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Viking Names Ideas for Girls (2023)

There are many beautiful and unique Viking names for girls. If you are looking for a name for your daughter, here is a list of some popular Viking names ideas for girls. We are sure you will find the perfect name for your little girl from this list.

Viking Names Ideas for Girls (2023)
  • Brynhild (Warrior, Battle)
  • Freya (Lady, Woman)
  • Aslaug (Divine, Mythical)
  • Ragnhild (Battle, Warrior)
  • Gunnhild (Warrior, Battle-maid)
  • Sigrid (Victorious, Beautiful)
  • Hilde (Heroic, Battle)
  • Astrid (Divine Beauty)
  • Ingrid (Beautiful, Beloved One)
  • Gunnila (Warrior woman)
  • Sigrunn ( Divine victory )
  • Ingrun (Beloved hero or heroine )
  • Brynhilda (Warrior Princess )
  • Freydis (Noble lady )
  • Signy (New Victory )
  • Gudrun (Divine secrets )
  • Hedda (Warrior)
  • Ilsa (Consecrated to God )
  • Kara (Pure, Unsullied )
  • Oda (Prosperous, Rich )
  • Runa (Secret knowledge, whispering )
  • Sigrida (Victorious counselor or leader )
  • Thora (Thunder )
  • Unn (Loved one)
  • Tove (Beautiful)
  • Svana (Wild Swan)
  • Runolfa (Fame, Wolf)
  • Freja (Noblewoman)
  • Hilda (Battle Maiden)
  • Ingunn (Goddess of Ing’s people, Beautiful goddess, Chaste goddess)
  • Signy (New Victory)
  • Frigg (Beloved, Wife of Odin)
  • Eir (Mercy, Goddess of Healing)
  • Brynhildr (Armor Battle, To Fight in Armor)
  • Gerd (Enclosure, Garden )
  • Kjerstin (Beloved)
  • Siv (Wife of Thor)
  • Freydis (Free Spirit)

Best Viking Names Ideas (2023)

People always notice a name, whether it’s a good or a bad one. A good name will be remembered by people, while a bad one is quickly forgotten. When it comes to Viking names, they are often unique and meaningful. Here are the best Viking names ideas:

Best Viking Names Ideas (2023)
  • Skelfir Ormsson
  • Skulki Rognvaldsson
  • Thralki Randulfsson
  • Hroar Halldorsson
  • Frosti Geirsson
  • Gunnlaug Ketilsson
  • Ketilbjorn Thorleifsson
  • Arnor Jorundarson
  • Bjornolf Ulfarsson
  • Gorm the Old Haakon
  • Fjall Geirny
  • Faraldr Ormsson
  • Auberga Gautr
  • Gunnwald Skulison
  • Eilifr Kolbeinnson
  • Steinn Ulfursson
  • Aescwulf Sigewealding
  • Hroar Ragnarson
  • Ingvar Jorundarson
  • Ormarr Eindriðason
  • Grimkell Ulfsson
  • Eyvindr Hrafnke
  • Gunnlaug Arngrimsson
  • Skarphedinn Ketilbjornsson
  • Arndis Frostadottir
  • Halvdan Brjansson
  • Skuli Hrolfsson
  • Dalgaard Sveinbjarnarson
  • Arngeirr Tryggvasson
  • Knutur Gudmundsson
  • Birkir Stefansson
  • Geir JonssonIngvar
  • Snorri Halldorsson
  • Einar Gudmundsson
  • Aron Einarsson
  • Askell Geirsson
  • Dagni Stefansson
  • Finnur Jonsson
  • Haflidi Haason
  • Ingimar Ingimundarson
  • Jari Bergsson
  • Kjartan Kristjansson
  • Larus Thoroddsson
  • Magnus Gudmundsson
  • Njal Thordarson

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Cool Viking Names Ideas (2023)

In this section, we will look at some of the most notable Viking names you can use for your characters. Whether you are looking for a name for your next D&D campaign or want to find a cool-sounding name for your new pet, these cool Viking names ideas will help you out!

Cool Viking Names Ideas (2023)
  • Chariclo Cinna- Graceful spinner
  • Hesperus- Evening star
  • Hyacinthus Apollonius- Blue larkspurIolalus Attis- Violets
  • Myrtis Adonis- Myrtle
  • Narcissus Cephisus- Daffodil
  • Pallas Athene- Goddess of wisdom
  • Persephone Kore- Maiden
  • Philemon Baucis- Old couple who entertained Zeus
  • Plutus Hades- God of wealth
  • Rhea Cybele- Mother of the gods
  • Saturn Chronos- Father time
  • Silenus Dionysus- Wine god’s foster father
  • Sterope Enipeas- One of the Pleiades
  • Thanatos Morpheus- God of death
  • Theia Helios- Mother of the sun
  • Uranus Ouranos- Sky father
  • Zephyrus Boreas- West wind
  • Aether Anemoi- Upper air
  • Arges Hecatoncheires- One of three cyclopes
  • Crius Coeus- Titan of the cosmic axis
  • Cronos Chronos- Father time
  • Dione Atlas- Father of the
  • Titans Erebus Nyx- God of darkness
  • Eros Aphrodite- Love goddess
  • Gaia Gaea- Earth mother
  • Hades Pluto- God of the underworld
  • Helios Apollo- Sun god Hyperion
  • Theia- Titan of light
  • Acantha Glycias- Thorn
  • Dorcas Rullus- Gazelle
  • Eudocimus- Leader
  • Felix Antonius- Fortunate, Happy
  • Gaius Claudius- To Correct
  • Heracles Gaius- Glory of Hera
  • Jupiter Dindymene- Sky Father
  • Lucius Apuleius- White
  • Marcus Aurelius- Divine
  • Milo Aemilianus- Pleasant, Gentle
  • Nero Claudius- Strong, Powerful
  • Otho Vitellius- Wealthy Protector
  • Scipio Africanus- Conqueror of Africa
  • Quintus Horatius Flaccus- Laughter

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Good Viking Names Ideas (2023)

A good Viking name is the first step in creating a strong identity for yourself or your child. It will be the foundation upon which everything else about them is built and will stay with them their entire lives.

Good Viking Names Ideas (2023)

Whether you are looking for a name for your new baby or are just curious about what other Viking names are, this list of good Viking names ideas is sure to have something for you.

  • Erdmuthe Eberhardson – Industrious
  • Gisela Gisbertsson – Generous
  • Friederike Friedenberger – Creative
  • Hildegard Heidenreich – Sincere
  • Adelgunde Adelsberger – Determined
  • Irmgard Irmischer – Daring
  • Kunigunde Kunze – Enthusiastic
  • Lieselotte Lichtenauer – Persistent
  • Mamilius Lunius – Moon
  • Cossus Cornelius – Big, large
  • Caesar – Youthful, downyGaius
  • Marcius – Grey-haired
  • Lucius Tarquinius – Light-haired
  • Aeneas Ascanius – praising or someone who has been praised
  • Claudius Marcellus – Of the Claudii, hammer
  • Gaius Flaminius – From Gaius, yellow hair
  • Lucius Verginius – From Lucius, manly, vigorous
  • Scaevola Mucius – Left-handed
  • Quintus Horatius – Fifth child
  • Curtius Rufus – Crooked nose
  • Sergius Orata – Pork seller
  • Fabius Maximus – Bean grower
  • Gaius Aemilius – Eagle
  • Claudius Pompeius – Lion
  • Lucius Cornelius – Tiger
  • Gnaeus Pompeius – Bear
  • Aulus Gabinius – Wolf
  • Marcus Licinius – Stag

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Unique Viking Names Ideas (2023)

We have gathered a list of over 150+ unique and meaningful Viking names. These names have been carefully selected to represent the Viking people’s strong, independent, and vibrant personalities.

Unique Viking Names Ideas (2023)
  • Cnæus Pompeius – general
  • Gaius Iulius Caesar – dictator
  • Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus – triumvir
  • Lucius Cornelius Sulla – general
  • Marius Celsus – conqueror
  • Octavianus Augustus – emperor
  • Pompey – general
  • Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus – general
  • Quintus Sertorius – rebel
  • Africanus Numantinus – general
  • Spurius Carvilius Maximus Ruga – politician
  • Tiberius Claudius Nero – politician
  • Titus Livius Drusus Claudianus – politician
  • Tiberius Gracchus – politician
  • Athanasia Constantia – Everlasting perfect
  • Eutropia Proba – Good fortune and evidence
  • Paulina Publica – Of the people’s hairClodia
  • Pulchra – Beautiful glory
  • Rufina Pudens – Modesty and chaste
  • Cornelia Scipionis – To the two daughters of Scipio Africanus
  • FestivalTitus Flaminius – Triumphal Games
  • Gaius Claudius – Victory in Gaul Lucius Cornelius
  • Sulla Felix – Dictator of Rome
  • Publius Crassus – Defeat of Spartacus
  • Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus – Victory over Mithridates Marcus
  • Licinius Crassus – richest man in Rome
  • Julius Caesar – Civil War victory, dictator
  • Mark Antony- Civil War victory, Triumvirate member
  • Titus Labienus- captured many towns for the Republicans

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Funny Viking Names Ideas (2023)

There are many ways to make people laugh. One way is to tell them funny Viking names. The Vikings were known for their sense of humor, so it’s no surprise they had some pretty funny names. Some of the funny Viking names ideas include:

Funny Viking Names Ideas (2023)
  • Rufina Sargent – Random
  • Nanci Amador – Determined
  • Karyn Trimble – Lazy
  • Mercedes Moran – Adventurous
  • Lorine Wimbish – Unique
  • Shantelle Marmolejo – Cat lover
  • Charleen Carballo – Outgoing
  • Elaina Boudreau – Artistic
  • Holli Heagy – Musician
  • Eugenia Barcroft – One of a kind
  • Jacquelin Cowart – Bookworm
  • Arlette Giroux – Sporty
  • Blair Willaims – foodie
  • Adella Guzman-Cisneros
  • Destiny Mccarson – Mother
  • Adeline Juelfs – Best friend
  • Ainsley Knudson – Guardian angel
  • Aliza Harper – Protector
  • Audrina notte – Soulmate
  • Bryleigh Benner – Lover
  • Cameron Stoddard – King
  • Coleman Blanton – Emperor
  • Finnley Parrish – Savior
  • Grayson Duffy- Best thing that ever happened
  • Harper Keto- Happiest person alive
  • Isla Melton – Cutest thing on the internet
  • Kamryn Baez- Most perfect human being
  • Landon Bartholomew- Most Beautiful

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Cute Viking Names Ideas (2023)

Cute Viking names have been gaining popularity lately. This is probably because of the hit TV show “Vikings.” The show has brought attention to the unique and interesting names of the Norse people.

Cute Viking Names Ideas (2023)

If you are looking for a cute Viking name for your child or pet, look no further! Here is a list of some cute Viking names ideas.

  • Iolanda Lutia- Violet
  • Kallisto Lycaena- She-wolf
  • Leda Marcella- Warlike
  • Nemausa Narcissa- Daffodil
  • Olympia Nicaea- Victory
  • Pasiphae Orsola- Bear
  • Rhea Parthenope- Virgin sailor
  • Selene Philomela- Nightingale
  • Tauro Pyrrha- Flaming red
  • Ursa Rosalia- Rose
  • Venus Sabina- Thorny tree
  • Vesta Salacia- The salt one
  • Zephyrus Sibylla- Prophetess
  • Aurora Tellus- The earth Boreas
  • Boreas Thalassa- Sea
  • Caelum Titania- Giantess
  • Caesar Valoria- Strong Cupid
  • Vertumnus- Season
  • Diana Vespera- Evening star
  • Eurus Vulcano- Fire god
  • Icarus Saarinen- Flying high
  • Cassiopeia Tethys- Ocean goddess
  • Perseus Arcturus- The hero
  • Achilles Orion- Mythical hunter
  • Hector Draco- Dragon
  • Heracles Cepheus- King of Ethiopia
  • Odysseus Perseus- The Greek hero
  • Theseus Hercules- Mythical founder of Athens
  • Poplicola- To shine upon
  • Andromeda Senator- Ruler of men
  • Lysandra Poplicola- Liberator

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Aesthetic Viking Names Ideas (2023)

Aesthetic Viking names ideas are the perfect way to show your unique Norse heritage. Whether you are looking for a name for your new baby or want to learn more about your family’s history, these beautiful names will help you celebrate your culture.

Aesthetic Viking Names Ideas (2023)
  • Aeneem – The Divine One
  • Diana Rex – The Huntress
  • Venus Victrix – Venus the Conqueror
  • Persephone Rose – The Maiden of Spring
  • Minerva Augusta – Minerva the
  • GreatBona Dea – Good GoddessIsis
  • Regina – Isis Queen
  • Juno Lucina – Juno the Light-Bringer
  • Rhea Silvia – Rhea of the Woods
  • Ops Consiva – Opulent
  • Bellona Victrix – Bellona the Conqueror
  • Fortuna Redux – Fortuna the Homecoming
  • Proserpina Liberata – Proserpina the Liberated
  • Maia Fabula – Maia the Fable
  • Ceres Mater – Ceres the Mother
  • Venus Genetrix – Venus the Mother
  • Terra Mater – Earth the Mother
  • Magna Mater – Great Mother
  • Roxane – dawn
  • Nyx – night
  • Aurora – dawn
  • Serendipity – good luck
  • Bane – ruin, death, or sorrow
  • Athena – goddess of wisdom and war
  • Cerberus – guard dog of the underworld
  • Damocles – doom
  • Erebus – darkness
  • Fate – destiny
  • Hades – god of the underworld
  • Helios – the sun god
  • Hyperion – titan of light
  • Jupiter – king of gods
  • Karma – fate
  • Leonineone- lioness

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Catchy Viking Names Ideas (2023)

Vikings were known for their warlike ways and skill in sailing and trading. But they were also known for their unique culture and way of life. One of the most distinctive aspects of Viking culture was their system of personal names. Here are the catchy Viking names ideas:

Catchy Viking Names Ideas (2023)
  • Ciaran Macmahon- Black haired
  • Dermot Ahearn- Free from envy
  • Eoghan Odhar- Young warrior
  • Fergal Conall- Mighty and strong
  • Gannon Muldowney- Fair-skinned
  • Harkin Farley- Long haired
  • Kiernan Tierney- Dark haired
  • Lochlainn Maguire- From the land by the lake
  • Nolan Riordan- Famous descendant
  • Riagan Quinn- Little king/counselor
  • Savanagh Byrne- Bright and beautiful mind
  • Shaughan O’neill- Old and wise warrior
  • Tierney Callaghan- Warrior of the people
  • Usher Fitzgerald- Bright one
  • Aiden Flannigan- Fire
  • Bannon breathnach- Surnamed after a warrior
  • Cillian Doyle- Little church
  • Conor Mahony- Hound lover
  • Daire McCann- Oak tree
  • Declan Power- Powerful man of God
  • Donal Kelly- Dark warrior
  • Eamonn Lyons- Wealthy guard
  • Finnian Houlihan- Fair warrior
  • Grady Larkin- Watchful or vigilant
  • Kaden Maloneyshields- Battle strength and mighty protection
  • Logan Ó broin – Descendant of the small raven
  • Oisin Madden – Deer lover
  • Rylan O’sullivan – Famous landowner
  • Sionnach- Fox
  • Tobin Murphy – Good looking man
  • Walsh Whelan – Thin and slender man
  • Yancy O’carroll – Nobleman’s descendant
  • Zachary Ryan – God remembers or God’s memory/recorder
  • Cillian Cathal- War
  • Conall Cearnach- incrementing/ victorious
  • Eoghan Óg- young warrior
  • Fearchar mac an t
  • Sagairt- farrier
  • Lochlann- land of lakes
  • Murchadh- Sea Warrior
  • Rìleachan- rascal

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Final Words

All in all, these are some of the best Viking names for your need. Choose any name from the list and give your username or character a strong identity. If you have any other Viking names, please share them with us in the comment below. We would love to hear from you. Thank you.

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